Advocating for Hunger Relief

By Ed Nicholson

I’m continually impressed by the way the folks at Capital Area Food Bank of Texas communicate the issue of hunger.  E.D., David Davenport, along with Lisa Goddard, Kerri Qunell and the rest of the communications team are not just good adminstrators, fundraisers and communicators–they’re passionate about and authentically committed to the issue, and understand that in order for there to be sustainable progress in the fight against hunger, there will need to be informed and engaged stakeholders.

Their latest online project, Hunger is UNacceptable, does a tremendous job of putting a face on hunger. It’s hard-hitting, while remaining respectful of its subjects.  Compelling without being pitiful.  Great production with a ton of room to grow the concept.  It provides the opportunity to act, either by advocating, donating or volunteering, without coming across an unabashed vehicle created to promote that action. 

To use a popular phrase, it adds value.  Good job, folks.