Be kind to your in-kind friends



By Ed Nicholson

I know cash is king. Money talks…screams…and everything else whispers.. After all, you gotta pay the light bill.  But sometimes money’s not available. 

And remember a couple of things:

  • Your in-kind donors can always–always–find other things to do with the resources they’re donating.  Look at what their competitors are doing as an indicator.
  • There’s always someone in that donor organization who’s advocating for the donation to you.  And there’s someone who’s advocating for other uses. Don’t give the second guy ammunition.
  • Times are cyclical.  What goes around, comes around.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Just sayin’.

Photo HdO ~ Helene  Creative Commons 


One Reply to “Be kind to your in-kind friends”

  1. jody

    I’ve never understood why some orgs “look down their noses” at in kind donations. In kind gifts free up money you would have spent on that item, so the end result is the same! The same goes for donor restricted financial gifts. Money frees up money too! Every donor and every gift is important to fulfilling the mission of the organization.

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