“That just blessed my soul…”

By Ed Nicholson

Today I had the distinct honor to join a lot of folks, including Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe (who, along with First Lady Ginger Beebe, deserves enormous kudos for a keen awareness of and commmitment to the issue of hunger), Feeding America CEO, Vicki Escarra, and many others in honoring Erma Smith as a Tyson Hunger All-Star (see the entry below). 

Erma is truly one of those folks who understands hunger from the neck down, and has devoted her life to the service of those less fortunte. 

If you ever start feeling proud of how you’re helping the world out, go spend a little time around someone like Erma.  It’ll humble you.  Listen to what she has to say in the attached video about not judging people by how they look. 

Thank you, Erma.

(And thanks to Phyllis, Karen, Sarah, and all the folks at the Arkansas Food Bank Network, who put together a marvelous event to honor Erma!)