Why does hunger exist in the U.S.?



By Ed Nicholson

Why does hunger exist in the most innovative, resourceful country in the world–especially among those least able to help themselves, our children and our elderly?

I think I have an idea.

People either don’t know about hunger, or they don’t care about it.  If they both cared and knew, we’d have had the problem solved a long time ago. 

Obviously, that’s a simple answer to a complex question. 

I’ve already written a couple of posts elaborating on the matter, which I’ll put up here next week.

Meanwhile, be thinking about it.

 Photo:  Brainware3000 Creative Commons

One Reply to “Why does hunger exist in the U.S.?”

  1. Brad Melton

    Agreed.  If we see something, recognize it is a problem, and care about who it is affecting, then we will figure out a way to solve it.  Doesn’t matter how smart we are.  If we care, we’ll do all we can to fix it ourselves.  If we can’t fix it ourselves we’ll engage (i.e. inspire, beg, and pester) smarter people to figure it out.  If we trully care about those affected, then we won’t care about who fixes the problem.  We’ll just never give up until it is fixed.

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