Pastor Carol Yard

Pastor Yard is a pastor, executive director over a non-profit org. She is the director over an afterschool program, serves on censeus bearua, she still works in a hair salon and runs a business, she is a mentor, she is married (wife), 15 years,(mother) 2 boys 7&9 serves 800 to 1,000(community servant) familes a month feeding and distrubuting food, picking it up packing.

Pastor Yard teaches and studies, and train leaders and youth to serve God and their community. Pastor Yard is the director o Pastor Yard gives 110 plus more she never thinks of herself. Pastor Yard put others first. She goes to the end to help those who are homeless, dealing with mental, subtance and alcohol, marriage, family, fiancial problems if thier is a need she cant meet herself, she will connect them with a source that will work for them..