Rick Boosey

Rick Boosey was a very successful executive at Microsoft who was being promoted to positions of greater and greater responsibility. At one point he realized that his life was out of balance when he was offered a leadership position in Switzerland that would have him traveling 85% of the time. He turned down the promotion, and turned down several other offers from Microsoft, finally to realize that he needed to leave and do something else with his life. After a lot of thought and family discussion, and hearing a message from God to "feed my children," he and his family opened a restaurant in Bentonville, AR. The restaurant donates much of its proceeds to help orphans, homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, and others. He also found a way to take food that his supplier might normally throw away but that was still usable to turn into products that can feed the hungry in Northwest Arkansas. Many organizations now donate ingredients, labor and other things to help prepare food that is widely distributed throughout Northwest Arkansas. Rick Boosey’s dream is to create a community model that can be replicated all over the country and even globally.