Bernice Gomez

Not only does she open up her heart but she opens up her home 7 days a week 365 days a year to any person who is hugnry. If you see her driving at any given time she will have food with her to feed the homeless. She will stop anything she is doing to minister and feed the less fortunate. She has a lot of medical problems and even when she is hospitalized she helped the homeless people who came to visit her and directed them where to get food. This is not a job to her this is her calling. She is so passionate with helping the homeless. She knows many of them on a first name basis. She turns no one away. She takes it very personal and she ministers people like me to educate myself with how to help the homeless and pay it forward. On Christmas morning she is going to hand out whatever she has to a very unsafe neighborhood and she has serious medical problems and it is difficult for her to travel. She truely has dedicated a majority of her life to helping the homeless. The blessing of knowing her has made me and many homeless people better individuals. This is a long shot but I know from the depts of my soul that she is deserving of this honor.