Art Molay

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the last 5 years Art Molay volunteers at St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance’s facility in Surprise, Az., either solo or with a group from his temple. Whether he packs food boxes or prepares meals for the Food Bank’s after-school lunch program, Molay performs his tasks with a vigor and determination that belie his 96 years. According to Liz Wunsch, Volunteer Manager, “Art is incredible. He is a mentor to the younger folks who volunteer with us. With a strong work ethic, he does everything with a great deal of pride and a great deal of love.” Molay became a volunteer because “I had to have something to do” after his wife passed away. A member of his temple suggested volunteering, and the rest is history. Volunteers are crucial to the Food Bank’s mission. With the demand for food skyrocketing (up 85% from 2007 to 2009), the time donated by volunteers has allowed St. Mary’s to at least keep pace with demand, with 76 million pounds of food distributed in 2009. As for Molay, he feels that his second career (as a volunteer) is just getting started. “I like keeping busy and being able to help as much as possible. When I’m here they make me feel at home. I enjoy it.”