Food banks–Putting your agencies on the map

View Tyson Foods Hunger Relief Donations in a larger map
Here’s a Google map I created on Friday of the truckload donations Tyson has done in the past year.  Notice all of the icons are clickable for more information. You can zoom in to the street address (with apologies to those recipients whose addresses I didn’t nail precisely–I did this all in one day).    We plan on keeping it updated, so it will be an archive of what we’re doing (just wish it had been around ten years ago). 

Creating it got me thinking:  Food banks could use this free tool to plot all of their agencies, along with their relevant information.  Notice above that Google supplies you with some embeddable code, so you can put it on your blog or website.  You can set it with any number of collaborators (including a wide-open wiki style), so conceivably agencies could enter and edit their own information. 

Getting started is easy, and begins with setting up a Google account. 

Imagine if all of the food banks did this, then the maps were aggregated; if the world could see all 63,000 agencies in one view, then zoom into the ones working in their state, community and neighborhood.   That might be kinda cool.

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  1. Billy Brown


    I think thats a great idea – I’m gonna make one for the Greater New Orleans area and post the link over here next week! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Daniel Buckley

    We have a Food Program Locator tool on the Food Bank For New York City website that uses Google Maps. We serve a high number of programs (approximately 1,000) and maps don’t always display when there are too many within a search criteria. I’d have to go back to our web developers for the technical reason why that was, but if anyone is curious I’d be happy to.

    Daniel Buckley
    Food Bank For New York City

  3. Ed

    Mary and J.C.

    These are _great_ examples.  Thanks!

    Any other hunger orgs out there using publicly available mapping technology. 

  4. Mary Chant

    Love your donation map.
    In an effort to make food provider info more accessible, I mapped all the food providers for my county.  Thanks to Google maps I was able to show  a comprehensive map and let users drill down for hours, phone, etc. just as you describe above.
    Maps of food providers for Clark County, WA

    I also created a page that compares service hours by day – it can be so hard to keep track of which pantry is open which day:
    Thanks for all the food and great info you provide.

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