Food insecurity in an insecure world



By Andrea Sherwood

Does food insecurity impact peace and war or the choices children face? Share your thoughts. Let’s have a discussion as uncomfortable as it will be as we sip on our coffee, tea, soda or beverage of choice while we blog and “engage” from a distance.

After reading, Ishmael Beah’s, A Long Way: Gone Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, my answers to the questions have not changed. They remain a definite “yes.” However, I now hold specific images in my mind as to how food insecurity impacts individuals, communities and the world. This book has forever changed me and the emotions that are stirred within as think about, discuss with others and engaged in solutions to the food crisis in the world and world peace.

Regardless, of how you answered the previous questions, I believe this is a must read book! Ishmael shares his journey as a young child becoming a soldier and then his journey of rehabilitation back into civilian life by age 18. Discover what food means to a boy solider. Learn about Ishmael’s amazing journey of rehabilitation and how he almost looses it all because of a quest for food. This is a book that is hard to put down, yet hard to keep reading because of the reality that unfolds before your eyes.  Let me know what you think.