Go Inspire Go

By Ed Nicholson

I met Toan Lam yesterday.  Toan’s an interesting guy.  A successful print and broadcoast reporter who has bypassed network opportunities to  found GoInspireGo.com, an organization dedicated to using social networking to inspire social change, Toan is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post.

The mission of GoInspireGo is to set up a global platform for people to see and share inspirational stories.

The group originally produced a video entry featuring 5 year-old Phoebe Russell for the Tyson/Tongal Hunger Relief video competition, .  As a result of that video, Phoebe was named a Tyson Hunger All-Star of the Month.

Toan’s message echoed the one we heard from Share Our Strength founder, Billy Shore when we first started becoming involved in hunger relief ten years ago:  Everyone has a strength to share.  Every single person’s capacity to effect change is valuable and incredibly potent.

Toan and GoInspireGo.com are extending the value and potency of individual contributions by telling inspiring stories in very visible, compellng ways.

Here’s a brief video interview I did with Toan in which he describes how he started the organization and what they do.