Jay Quaile

Jay, a resident of Putnam Valley and a member of Grace United Methodist Church realized that the town of Putnam Valley was not readily equipped to deal with the issue of hunger in the community. There was no local food pantry that was accessible for those residents of the community that did not have the means to pruchase healthy and nutritious meals for their families. Jay’s idea was to have local churches, temples and community groups join together to organize and open a food pantry that would serve Putnam Valley and the surrounding communities. This first meeting of the various religious and community groups was held in April 2004 and by November 2004 the pantry officially opened in a space provided by Grace United Methodist Church in Putnam Valley. From serving 12 families the first week, the pantry currently provides perishable and non-perishable groceries to approximately 160 families each week. Jay devotes numerous hours to ordering the food from the local food bank, picking up the food at the food bank and stocking it on the shelves at the pantry. He also spends a great deal of time organizing and cleaning the pantry site in addition to visiting local schools and community groups to enlist their support of the pantry. He as become a true advocate for the hungry in northern Westchester and Putnam counties and is an inspiration to the volunteers at the pantry. Even we he goes on vacation for a couple of weeks in the spring we know that he is constantly thinking about the pantry and how things are going. The pantry has become a big part of his life and his devotion and tireless dedication to the operation of the pantry has made a huge impact on the community.