Clair Halverson

Without the direction of our Childrens Back Pack Program lead volunteer, Clair Halverson, Feeding South Dakota and our Childrens Back Pack program would suffer in many ways.Clair faithfully comes to the Feeding South Dakota Food Bank every Wednesday afternoon to set up and lead the evenings activities. He welcomes the volunteers upon arrival. orientates them, and guides them in filling the stomachs of the 2769 children being served weekly by our Back Pack Program all in about three hours. Not to mention all the organizing it takes to make Wednesdays happen, numerous hours are spent at home in preperation. Clair has dedicated his time in perfecting the system that we have today in packing the”Back Packs”. Because the number of children from food insecure homes has risen so dramatically we have been forced to grow the program to feed the hungry children in our schools on the weekends when they have little access to food. Because of the programs rapid growth Clair has had to adapt and restructure the program several times. He smiles and never complains and always finds a way to make it happen!