Samaritan Christian Ministries

Samaritan Christian Ministry offers a variety of programs in order to send hope to those who truly need it. They have established a “Client Choice Pantry” to feed needy families. SCM started a Saturday delivery program, run primarily by volunteers, to deliver food to homebound families, the disabled, and the elderly. SCM also has a “BackPack Program”. This program provides enough food to children, who qualify for free school lunches, to last the weekend. Their mission is to “feed the hungry in Wilkes County”. The staff and loyal base of volunteers have for many years strived to make this mission a reality and in doing so have managed to become a beacon of hope for many people who struggle to put food on the table in these hard times. They are a reminder to those of us who are blessed that we too can make a difference and that when we come together as a community we can move mountains. Samaritan Christian Ministries often serves hot chicken meals on Saturdays and works hard to keep a source of protein in the Client Choice Pantry. Any food sent their way would be received with the greatest appreciation and seen as a blessing to the ministry and community.