The Faces of Evil????

By Ed Nicholson

I monitor social media for what gets said about Tyson Foods. Yesterday there was a tweet from someone who said "Can’t wait to be done with this bag of [Tyson] chicken so I can move on to something from a company that isn’t so evil." 

I don’t know what prompted the comment (at least it appeared she was going to eat the chicken).    But I wish she could have been with me the last three days.

You see, "Tyson Foods" isn’t a cloistered few who control the puppet strings of shadowy empire.  It’s 117,000 people all around the world.  And since Sunday, I’ve been with some of the best in the world.  People from Tyson operations in Nebraska and Iowa who’ve volunteered their time to come out in the Iowa July heat to cook and sell food to riders in the annual RAGBRAI event. And donate the proceeds to hunger relief. Some were up ’til midnight in Storm Lake last night.  Others setting up in Varina at 4:00 a.m. today. In the past three days, more than six thousand meals have been fed to RAGBRAI riders. 

It’s a big healthy dose of Heartland heart and a work ethic that will wear you to the ground if you try to keep pace with it.  We try not to make this blog too self-centered, but every once in a while I have to brag on these folks. I’m proud of ’em.  

Thanks to the people who’ve worked the past three days and the ones who”ll work the next five.

You can see their photos below or on Flickr.  We’d also be honored if you’d follow Tyson Hunger Relief on Facebook. 



Dakota City/ Dakota Dunes



Storm Lake




Storm Lake




Dakota City/ Dakota Dunes






2 Replies to “The Faces of Evil????”

  1. PullingTheWoolOverYourEyes

    The individuals who work for tyson are the victims here. Nobody is saying the workers, the regular people who are volunteering to help are evil. These people that helped out are most definitely not the ‘faces of evil’, and its wrong to act like the people who talk about tyson being evil are referring to those folks, because were not, and you know it. The “little people” are the ones who are exploited and taken advantage of while the owners get rich off obscene exploitation of their workers, abhorrent practices of animal ‘production’ and slaughter, and obscene greed that leads to worker death and injury through unsafe line speeds, horrendous sanitary conditions and food quality standards that may meet the USDA minimums, but much of the time dont even manage to do that.(and the USDA standards set the bar so incredibly low that you have to be egregiously, appallingly unsafe/unsanitary to not meet them. even products that meet the standards can still be unsafe, as evidenced by the many recalls, and the fact that the meat is allowed to be cooked and then resold to the public as precooked heat-n-serve products as if there was nothing wrong with it!)

    Its the people who are profiting off of the work of the lowest level employees that are the evil ones. Not the line workers and packers and gutters and knockers and cleaners and truck drivers and everyone else. Way to put the focus somewhere else. nobody thinks these guys are evil and the fact that they are using their free time to help out, which in the end just helps to make TYSON look good, just shows how exploited they are!! I feel terrible for the folks who depend on tyson for their livelihood and then volunteer their time to help out doing something like this because it just shines Tysons public image up real nice and distracts people from the terrible things really going on.

    You know what a REAL “good thing” tyson could do would be? Stop forcing your workers to work at insane, unsafe speeds on the line! Stop denying employees workers comp when they get injured on the job because of those issues! Stop explioting illegal immigrants (and smuggling them into the US!!–another DOCUMENTED case, so dont deny it!)Stop paying your workers a wage that while it may be much more than minimum wage, when its compared with the DANGER of the work and the likelihood of injury or health problems recieved on the job, its nowhere near fair compensation! But those things will never happen, and tyson will just continue to make their token effort at ‘do-gooding’ and keep the evil in the boardroom and corporate offices.

    There are a million and one grievances I have with what happens at Tyson, and none of it is from rumor or assumption. Ive talked to people who have worked for them. Ive seen the videos, ive read the lawsuits and the OSHA and USDA reports detailing the numerous, never ending, constant violations of safety and sanitation and humane animal raising and slaughter practices that never seem to get punished with more than a light slap on the wrist.

    So when you talk about how Tyson is such a do-gooder, great company that deserves praise for being so thoughtful and kind, at least one person aint buying it. Go ahead and donate more of your products to people living in poverty, where the unhealthy, unsanitary “food” can continue to increase obesity and heart disease in the communities hit hardest by it–because what people really need is chicken ‘cleaned’ by getting soaked in vats of water full of chicken feces from birds who werent properly eviscerated, chickens whose heads were ripped off by hand, while still alive, when the throat slitter blades failed, chickens boiled alive in the scalding tank, contaminated with salmonella and listeria and pylobacter from line speeds way too high forcing the contents of the intestines to spill on the line and nobody stops it because production will go down and they dont want to risk getting fired for being the one responsible for losing money, because “every second the line is stopped, tyson loses $xxxxxxxxx dollars!”

    But as long as you donate some products here and there its all good right! How can it be evil if they do hunger drives? Its one big old smoke and mirrors illusion. lets see if this comment makes it onto the blog, if anybody even attempts to refute it, or if it gets censored out.

  2. Steph Oliver

    What a great bunch of people…you all are amazing …A special "Hi"  to Don and Lisa Hilliman.from the Cherokee Plant….Nice to see you after all these years…

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