Hunger is not a problem in my community

By Ed Nicholson

We recently spent a week traveling through Iowa with the rolling circus that is RAGBRAI  (I still have lots left to talk about there; more later).   The bicycle ride features 15,000 registered riders and thousands more who come along for the ride. Practically every state in the union is represented.

One of the things we did as part of that effort is a brief survey among participants to assess what people know about hunger and hunger organizations.

Questions 3 and 4 of the survey were specifically designed to gauge attitudes about how serious a problem people believed hunger to be in their own community.

From the more than 1350 respondents, more than 81% answered that hunger was either a “moderate” “low priority,” problem or  that there is “little or no hunger in my community.”

Only 19% believed hunger is either a critical or serious problem in their community.

53% believed that the majority of people affected by hunger could do something about it if they made adjustments in their lifestyle.

Is it possible our efforts to end hunger are being diluted because many believe it’s either not a problem in their own communities, or is a problem of the victims’ own making?

3 Replies to “Hunger is not a problem in my community”

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  3. Marcus

    I think the biggest issue is that folks don’t interact with those that are hungry so they are unaware of their existence. They may throw a few bucks at something, but without the interaction they don’t hear the story. Very sad.

    To people’s credit it can take some effort to find people in many communities that have need. The cities government and planning often make sure there is little mingling to keep land values and taxes up.

    Another issue could be payrolls and corruption in the non-profits around America – leadership taking lots of money or doing illicit things with funds has eroded the trust in organizations that are trying to do good things.

    I wish you all the best in getting the message out!

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