Food Service

The folks over at Tyson Food Service  sponsor a lot of stuff. This week, it was a PlateCooks event (focusing on chicken!) in Atlanta. Usually accompanying those events is an opportunity to throw something into the swag bag. You know, a logo pen, keychain–something you’ll use and treasure the rest of your life.

This time the Food Service folks had a different idea.  Let’s donate some food for hunger relief to some worthy non-profits in honor of the participants at the event.  So they came up with this plan:

Instead of rubber bracelets or logo swizzle sticks, we’ll donate 10,000 pounds of Tyson products, to be divided among  the Atlanta Community Food Bank; Teens at Work, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that not only offers an after-school feeding program, but also trains at-risk youths for entry into foodservice jobs; and the Redan High School Culinary Program in Stone Mountain, Georgia, which offers a 2-year culinary preparatory course that combines classroom study with hands-on instruction that can lead to further study or direct entry into a foodservice career.

They’re also trying to get a few foodservice pros to look at their new Facebook page.  So they added this to the mix:  For every new “like” on their page, we’ll add 100 pounds to the donation total for the three organizations, until we fill up a 30,000 pound truck. 

So if you’re in the foodservice business (or know someone who is), hop on over and join this new community.  They’d love your input on any foodservice topic.  And as you join, you’ll be providing 100 lbs. of Tyson product to a great Atlanta non-profit.