We could always do a better job. Help us.


I’m speaking Monday morning at the PRSA* 2010 International Conference in Washington, D.C.    The presentation is titled “Cause Branding and Community Building with Social Networking Tools.” 

Part of the message will be focused on encouraging brands to engage in a genuine way with cause communities. 

I’ll be talking about the stuff we’re doing here. We’ve worked pretty hard to be a contributing member of the hunger relief community. The archives of this site provide fairly adequate proof of that.  But we know we could do more; be more creative; more engaged. 

So we’re open to your ideas.  How can we contribute more effectively in the online space toward the fight against hunger?  Any issue on which you’d like to see focus?  Any organization deserving of more awareness?  Any thought leader from whom you’d like to hear for which this could be a forum?

*Public Relations Society of America