KNOW Hunger Video–Laura Rhea

We believe one of the biggest challenges facing the hunger movement is the inability of people to recognize food insecurity in their own communities.  As the recent FRAC/Tyson study on perceptions of hunger confirmed, many believe hunger is something that happens somewhere else, to someone else.

We’ve begun producing a series of video testimonials from now-successful people who at one time in their lives experienced food hardship.  The goal is to break down common stereotypes; promote the understanding that any of us, at any time, could find ourselves in a situation in which we might need help.

Laura Rhea, CEO of the Arkansas Rice Depot, has an incredibly compelling testimony. She turned her personal experience with hunger into a career in service of feeding those in need.

Do you know someone who has a similar story to tell? If so, we might be interested in recording their testimony for the KNOW Hunger video series. Watch this space for more videos in the coming weeks.