Tyson Foods: Understanding a New Perspective

Clinton Laflin

By Clinton Laflin

(note: Clinton Laflin just joined the Tyson Foods External Relations group as a summer intern.  He’ll be learning about the issue of hunger, as well as learning about our company.  I’ve asked him to check in here every once in a while and record his observations. Ed)

A new Tyson team member walks into his office believing he knows the basics of Tyson Foods.  This college student believed Tyson was a chicken company with a few new business ventures. The young man came from a beef background and believed he was being employed by a strictly chicken business. The young man’s thought process couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m Mr. Clinton Laflin, that new employee.  Man have I learned a thing or two:  Tyson Foods has a deeper impact on consumers than I thought. For example, did you know a larger percentage of Tyson’s gross revenue comes from beef production rather than chicken?

Tyson’s nationally recognized hunger relief program offers help to those in need. 2011’s campaign “KNOW Hunger” was created to educate people on the scope of hunger issues facing their communities, and encourage people to take part in relief efforts. Tyson believes by taking a leadership role in this crisis they can help someday eradicate hunger.

In March of 2011 Tyson donated over one million pounds of protein to 37 food banks across the United States. In fact, since 2000 the second largest food production company in the Fortune 500 donated 79 million pounds of protein to food banks in 48 states. Tyson partners with organizations such as Share our Strength and Lift up America to strengthen hunger relief efforts.

Tyson Foods is similar to an iceberg. On the outside the company may appear to only operate as a poultry supplier. When you analyze this company on a deeper level they have many goals. Tyson team members strive to produce quality beef, pork, and poultry products while promoting a positive image for agriculture.

I have been a member of the Tyson family for only five days, but I am beginning to see why Tyson is leader in food production. Through campaigns such as hunger relief I expect Tyson Foods to be an industry leader for years to come.

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