Hunger relief. Plus one.

 All the cool kids online are talking about Google+.  Google has mashed up features of Twitter and Facebook (mostly Twitter, seems to me), added features of their own and created a new social media platform that appears to have reached “next big thing” status. It has reportedly amassed more than 20 million users in less than three weeks. If you’re a professional communicator, community builder, or influence wielder, you might want to be paying attention to it.

Web marketing strategist, Chris Brogan makes a great case for taking it seriously in 10 Things CMOs Need to Know About Google+.  Even if you’re not a CMO.

One of the features of Google+ is the ability to customize content curation and distribution into what Google calls “Circles.” You can create your own circles based on the interests of the members. Friends, family, acquaintances, etc. 

Right now, Google+ is prohibiting brands and organizations, limiting profiles to individuals. Google is saying that will change. But in the meantime, savvy users will build communities around their individual profiles, then migrate them to their organizations when that gate is opened. Which is what I hope to do here.

I’ve created a circle I refer to as “hunger relief–social good,” with the purpose of aggregating connections who are either involved directly in the issue of hunger or who use social media for social good. You know who you are. I probably know who you are.  If you are interested in participating and already have a Google+ profile, add me and let me know you’re interested. If you are currently not using Google+ and want an invitation, email me at ed dot nicholson at tyson dot com.

Let’s all see how this works.