Are you contagious?

In my post on our recent Hinges of Hope tour, I mentioned being around people whose passion toward ending hunger is “infectious.”

 Isn’t that the way most of us usually come to be interested to the point of acting? Whether we’re buying a car or committing to a cause, it’s usually the person with great energy and enthusiasm that gets us there fastest. That might be a salesperson, a preacher, teacher or non-profit leader that sells you. It might just be an enthusiastic friend.

When it comes to the issue of hunger, I’m not such a great salesperson myself.  My reaction to the world tends to be tempered and analytical.  I think there are a lot of us who are sincerely committed, yet don’t outwardly exhibit a lot of enthusiasm.  It’s a personality type, which, after a long period of involvement becomes even more pronounced.

But every organization needs people with fire in their bellies to “infect” new true believers.

Do you identify and encourage people in your organization whose energy and passion is contagious?  If not, you might not be winning as many people to the cause as you need.

Photo by lu-lu.   Flickr–Creative Commons