Facebook poll–help us decide on a donation–3 days left

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You have until Friday at midnight to cast your vote in the Facebook poll for the foodbank from the list you think should receive a truckload of food from Tyson Foods.   The three top vote getters will each receive a truckload of food within the next month to six weeks. We’ve had some great participation in the polls, with over 20,000 votes cast as of this writing.    We’ve also had some very good questions about how and why we’re doing this.  For example:

Q.  How were the foodbanks selected, and why is my foodbank not on the list–we have a lot of hungry people in our community?
A.  The foodbanks are from among U.S communities with the highest rates of per capita food insecurity in the country. Feeding America’s research staff helped us identify them.  The management of the food banks selected also agreed to be part of this poll.  We know there are a lot of communities in need. We wish we could eliminate that need, but are glad there are people like you involved.

Q.  Why do you have to have winners and losers?  Why can’t you just donate to all of them?
A.  Though we have donated to all of them at one time or another (and will again), at this time, we only have three truckloads to work with.  Part of the goal is to get people involved with the foodbanks in their own communities (which supports our overall KNOW Hunger objectives). Maybe you’ve never been involved with your local foodbank before.  If you take a minute to vote for your foodbank, maybe you’ll take a another minute to find out a little more about them and hunger in your community.  Maybe that connection will be the start of a relationship that keeps you involved with fighting hunger.  So even if your foodbank doesn’t win the food, it wins new champions like you.  

Q.  What do you mean by “protein?” 
A.  There’s about a 99% chance it will be frozen chicken.

Q.  Will you be doing this again?
A.  Perhaps.  We’d appreciate any feedback you might offer. 

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This is all being done in conjunction with Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month.  Another thing we’re doing in support is encouraging everyone to go to Feeding America’s Hunger Action Center, and sign up to be a Hunger Champion.  Get involved.  KNOW Hunger in your community.