Martha Marak

Submitted by Pamela Jones

Shreveport, Louisiana–Many employees are dedicated to their jobs. Martha Marak represents someone who is truly committed at the heart level. She works tirelessly, with a very small and dedicated staff and supportive board at making sure no one in Northwestern Louisiana goes to bed hungry. Last year, Ms. Marak received notice from Feeding America that their Food Bank had been funded to provide 100 back packs to hungry and hunger insecure children. She was thrilled, and went to the elementary school to share the news with the principal. This principal informed her that while she was delighted, there were 300 children who really needed this program. They were all hungry every weekend, and she would not be able to determine which child deserved to have food. With tears in her eyes, Ms. Marak made a personal committment to locate additional donors and funding. Every child who needed the program last year-got a backpack every weekend. Ms. Marak has increased the pounds of food collected as well as donation revenues by at least 10% for every year she has been there. She does not take any credit, always recognizes her staff, volunteers and board members as being the heroes. True enough, they are-but without her drive and leadership, they would not succeed. She has convinced her board to participate in a leadership and development intensive training, which she also applied for and received funding to pay for (so as not to take one available penny that could be spent on food items for their clients) that will further develop and refine their roles, fund raising and commitment to their cause. This is on top of a 50-60 hour week that she is already putting in. Martha Marak is an inspiration, and a strong leader in the fight against hunger. She selfless gives of herself and inspires others to do the same. I believe she exemplifies a “Hunger All Star” in every capacity.