Our Hunger Action Month Initiative

We’re doing a little experiment this month.  As part of Hunger Action Month we’re using Facebook to ask the public to cast votes for food banks located in ten areas rated among the highest with food insecurity.  The three food banks earning the most votes will receive a 30,000 pound truckload of protein each. 

You can begin voting for your food bank of choice on today by going to the Tyson Foods’ Hunger Relief Facebook page:    The winning food banks will be announced shortly after the voting period ends on Sept. 30.

The social media initiative is part of the Tyson Foods’ sponsorship of Feeding America’s effort to encourage more people to become Advocacy Champions for hunger relief.  People who want to join the fight are asked to register with Feeding America’s Hunger Action Center . 

The ten food banks in the voting are:

Montgomery Area Food Bank, Inc.;   Montgomery, AL
Yuma Community Food Bank;    Yuma,AZ
Feeding the Valley Food Bank;    Columbus, GA
Second Harvest of South Georgia, Inc.;     Valdosta, GA
Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana;     Monroe, LA
Mississippi Food Network;     Jackson, MS
Mid-South Food Bank;     Memphis, TN
Food Bank of the Albemarle;     Elizabeth City, NC
Lowcountry Food Bank;     Charleston, SC
Central Virginia Food Bank;     Richmond, VA

One Reply to “Our Hunger Action Month Initiative”

  1. Dawn Taylor

    What a wonderful thing that Tyson is doing. I read the list of food banks and wanted to chime in. I live in the Village of Avon on Hatteras Island, NC. As you probably already know, Hurricane Irene hit us really hard. Our local food banks were quickly depleted in order to feed those who have been left homeless, without work, and a list of many other things…due to the storm. To put it in perspective, I had 7 feet of tide around my house. Imagine that in your home. Anyways, our food banks provided food for so many on the island. It is what helped quite a few survive through the winter. That is now gone. And we need help. The upcoming months are going to be a very rough time for Hatteras Island. So…what I wanted you to know about the United Methodist Men of the island and their food bank that is housed at the Methodist Church in Buxton, NC. Our community would be so grateful if Tyson could help in some sort of way. Thank you. Dawn 🙂

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