A toolkit for those who want to get involved in hunger advocacy.

When it comes to hunger relief, different people have different ways they enjoy helping.    Some like to go to the local food bank and volunteer.  Some plant an extra row in the garden and donate the produce.  Some give cash.   And some like to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the poliltical process.  Because were it not for government programs, A LOT MORE people would be going hungry.

Tyson Foods is proud to be a sponsor of Feeding America’s Hunger Advocacy Champions program, which enlists people in the policy debate ab0ut how food insecurity is addressed in our country.  While there exists a diversity of opinions on tactics addressing hunger, research shows an almost universal agreement that feeding hungry people is an an area in which government should be involved.

Feeding America has done a great job of assembling a “virtual advocacy center,” containing on online toolkit, offering a number of ways anyone can get involved in advocating for effective hunger relief programs.   Check it out.