Show Us Your Nugget Face

Those of you who read this blog regularly know we don’t use the space for marketing purposes.  Our goal has been to make a positive contribution to the conversation about hunger in this country, and we believe we can’t do that by constantly trying to sell you Tyson products.  Check the archives.

We’re going to break that trend today.  The folks from our Consumer Products group have put together a new promotion called Show Us Your Nugget Face!  Get a Smile, Give a Smile.   People are encouraged to go to the Show Us Your Nugget Face! website and upload photos of their kids. (the “Give a  Smile” part) The winning photos will be featured in ads in People magazine and on a Times Square billboard.    We’re excited, because as part of the promotion, we’ll be donating a million pounds of Tyson products to Feeding America  food banks across the country in the next year (the “Get a Smile” part).

We can donate food because we have a great team of folks growing, making and selling food.  And because you buy our products. Thanks to all who make this possible.

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