Chef Aaron McCargo, Jr. KNOW Hunger Video

Growing up in a family of eight in Camden, New Jersey, Aaron McCargo got to see a lot of life, including lots of hungry kids.  Now a successful Food Network personality (better known as “Big Daddy”), he’s generous with his time and energy to help make the world a better place.  Not only has he traveled far and wide as an ambassador for hunger relief, he established and participates in his own youth leadership and character development organizastion in Camden, Play to Win

 Here he shares his testimony in a KNOW Hunger video, talking about the nature and scope of hunger, and what people can do to get involved.

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  1. Jamie

    Hey, everyone! New to this. Trying to find out info. read alot of articles. Sounds like there has been alot of great stuff going on. How do get donations going in Kentucky? And what about a smaller food bank? We are a faith based food, clothing, and sometimes utilities. Mainly funded thru our church and other local donations. In the last several months our clients have doubled, and continue to each week. We live in a sorta rural area, but we do have a Tyson about 45 miles away! Just would like some information. Thank you! And God Bless

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