Return to Joplin

A year ago this morning, after hearing of the devastation suffered by our neighbors in Joplin, folks from several nearby Tyson Foods locations arrived on the scene to offer whatever assistance we could provide.

The scene was stunning.  Chaotic. Confusing.  The tragedy has been well-documented. Tyson Team Members spent three weeks in Joplin, with up to six teams cooking and feeding anyone who might

Yesterday, many of the same Tyson people returned to Joplin for their Unity Celebration, commemorating the one-year anniversary of the tornado.  Obviously, a much happier occasion, the event underscored the grit and positive spirit of the people of this Missouri town. While the town will bear the scars of the disaster for a long time–the loss of life and massive property damage–it’s very clear the people of Joplin are fiercely determined to bounce back a better community than ever.  Homes, schools and businesses have arisen from total devastation, with more coming up every day.

Last year’s disaster in Joplin provided part of the inspiration for our new Meals That Matter disaster response trailer.  It was an honor and a privilege to be able to roll it into Joplin for such an inspring event.