Partnering in Mississippi

Ray Ables, Tyson Foods Mississippi; Donnie Smith, President and CEO, Tyson Foods; Marc Morial, CEO National Urban League

At Tyson Foods, one of the things we’ve been trying to do with our hunger program in recent years is involve our stakeholders wherever possible.  That starts first and foremost with about 100,000 Team Members (employees) across 26 states.  We’ve also worked in activities with customers, vendors, communities, and advocacy groups.

We were excited last week to announce a partnership with the National Urban League and the Urban League of Greater Jackson to work alongside the Mississippi Food Network to address hunger in central Mississippi.

There are huge opportunities to make a difference there.  According to the USDA, Mississippi has the country’s highest level of food insecurity, with more than 19% of the population at risk of hunger.
The National Urban League has a focus on nutrition, and an outstanding affiliate in the Urban League of Greater Jackson. The Mississippi Food Network’s area of coverage comprises most of the state, with a strong focus on central Mississippi.  Tyson Foods has three plants, with more than 4000 team members in central Mississippi.  All of these organizations have strong reasons and ways to collaborate toward making progress.

We’re excited about this partnership.  Stay tuned here for more.