How will we feed more people with fewer resources?

Many of us had an opportunity to meet Elanco CEO Jeff Simmons at an exercise  Tyson Foods and Elanco conducted recently to make senior executives aware of the challenges of shopping on a SNAP budget.  

Jeff is a man who is truly on a mission. Since Elanco has become actively engaged in hunger relief, Jeff has become knowledgeable and sincerely passionate about alleviating hunger throughout the world.  He is convinced that we’re not going to feed a world hurtling past seven billion souls without the aid of agricultural technology.  While he recognizes and celebrates the choice provided to consumers who can afford food produced with higher inputs and costs, such as local and organic, he’s concerned about the fact that by 2050 we’ll need to produce 100% more food than we did in 2000 with diminishing land and water resources. 

Jeff makes some interesting points in the attached video. 

How do you think we should approach this challenge of producing more food with fewer resources?