Tyson Foods #MealsThatMatter Disaster Relief Teams Feed 64,000 in #Oklahoma

Tyson Foods volunteer employees have served 64,000 Meals That Matter® meals to residents and relief workers in Moore, Oklahoma, immediately following the devastating tornado of last week and continue to work alongside the American Red Cross, the National Guard, and others who are helping to rebuild Oklahoma.

5-31-Nashville team in Moore OK
On Wednesday, the team had already served about 6,000 meals before storms once again threatened the area.

“The weather has been challenging over the last 48 hours, and our teams have been battling through, but we must keep everyone safe,” says Community Relations Manager Jeff Wood.

Jeff and other employees are providing information updates and photos on our work in Moore.

Jeff said Thursday, that Tyson Foods’ relief efforts would likely begin winding down on June 3, as services in much of the town are now back up and running, people are going back to work, and many restaurants and other businesses are open.

“I was so proud of our employees, more than 16 complexes volunteered,” Jeff says. “We sent one request out to the plants, and they responded immediately. There are some teams that may not be dispatched, but they were just as valuable in our efforts, because they were ready and willing to go if needed. I can’t thank all of our employees enough.”