Bringing it all together

Sam'sColoringAt Tyson Foods, we joined this hunger relief movement in 2000.  Very quickly, we discovered that a lot of other brands were putting a lot more money than we’d ever have toward this cause.  But we learned a lot from our first partner, Share Our Strength, whose battle cry was, “Everyone has a strength to share.”  We learned the strength of more than 100,000 employees.  We learned that our protein products were badly needed by food banks.  We learned we could be creative and use social media to generate awareness for a cause that is far too often misunderstood.
For the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen lots of those strengths come together, thanks to an innovative partnership with Champions for Kids, another Northwest Arkansas-based organization that’s making waves with national brands to help children’s causes around the country.
You know when you go Sam’s Club on Saturday, and they have little booths set up to let you sample food…?    Well the Tyson customer marketing group decided that maybe people already know how delicious Tyson Nuggets taste; and perhaps we could do something with that booth space to help people know a little more about the issue of hunger, and how they could get involved.  So they partnered with Champions for Kids to create the Be a Hunger Hero demo at Sam’s—as far as we can tell—the first store demo that has ever actually focused on engaging people in a cause, rather than hard-selling them on products.    They also created a web page,, that lives on this blog to engage and inform folks.
If you’re in or around a Sam’s Club this weekend, go check out the Be a Hunger Hero booth.   There are things for the kids to do.    Plus if you buy a bag of nuggets (OK, yeah, we really would like to sell you something—it is, after all, how we’re ultimately able to donate), we’ll  work with Champions for Kids to donate a pound of food to hunger relief.   Check back here for more details about those donations.