Of twerking, cats and hungry kids

Orange--ask me why I'm wearing

Ah, the interwebs.  A marvelous thing that has changed the lives of all of us.  It can feed the intellect, stimulate the senses and take us around the world.   Or it can suck us into a cultural wasteland, wherein the most banal of  subjects get enormous attention.     It’s really our own choice as to where we want to be taken–and where we want to send our friends and family members.

In case you don’t know, September is a month in which hunger issues are emphasized by a lot of different organizations.  In the last couple of years, many of these organizations have promoted using the color orange–wearing it, posting it on one’s website, adorning your avatar, etc.–to create awareness of hunger in the United States.   Those of us who associate with those organizations and the cause of hunger are spending some of our online bandwidth to encourage others to learn about and get involved in helping fight hunger.   You’ll be seeing orange appear in our social content streams. 

Want to participate?  Here’s one way:  Go to the Share Our Strength Go Orange for No Kid Hungry page.   You’ll find all sorts of fun and interesting ways you can turn your online participation into awareness.  Maybe for the rest of the month, resolve to ignore memes about twerking popstars and adorable kitties.  Help folks understand that we have a real crisis on our hands with one in five kids in our country at risk of going hungry.

Today, thanks to technology, we can conduct a free visual phone call with our cousin in Uzbekistan, order aspirins online with one click,  or check our email while sitting on the potty.   Surely we can figure out how to feed some of these kids.  Do something good today.   Go Orange.