A good day, with great partners.

iPh LUA Chiefs 13 blog photo
Almost ten years ago, I got a call from John Tyson, who said, “There’s a guy named Dave Hannah who’s going to call you.  He has some good ideas about maybe doing some food donations. At the time, we’d been involved in hunger relief for a while, and had already done some high profile donating.   I was getting quite a few calls from folks who had “good ideas” about food donations.   Quite often these were good people, long on vision, but short on being able to execute.  So when Dave called saying he thought he could get the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins involved in some donation events, I was, well, cautious.  But sure enough, within about three weeks, we had two donation events planned with those teams.   Dave knows how to get things done, and in the time that’s passed, he’s led the creation of Lift Up America, a group of influencers from around the country, focused on creating positive change. In that time, we’ve collaborated on more than a hundred truckload donations with pro and college sports teams all around the country.

We did another Lift Up America donation with the Chiefs yesterday; the tenth we’ve done with the team. More than 60 agencies of Harvesters Community Food Network picked up most of a 30,000 pound truckload of food within about 45 minutes at Arrowhead Stadium.  Dave’s first call after talking with us for the first time was to Clark Hunt, owner of the Chiefs, who graciously and enthusiastically agreed to be part of the donation.  We were honored to have Clark on hand yesterday to MC the donation event.   Also joining were Derrick Johnson, Akeem Jordan, Kendrick Lewis and Dontari Poe, members of the (undefeated!) Chiefs team.

As an added bonus, members of the (undefeated!) Fort Osage High School football team came out and moved a bunch of boxes.

We’re honored and priveleged to be able to associate with all of these folks, including, our own team from the Tyson Olathe, Kansas distribution facility.