Safety First: Greenway Guidelines

Safety is the foundation of our culture here at Tyson Foods. As we leave the workplace and enjoy our time together on the Razorback Greenway, those values stay with us. We look out for one another, and for others on the trail, to make sure that we all have fun and arrive home safe.

Here are some resources we found on the web that discuss safety on the trail:

  • Signs, Signs Everywhere SignsTake even a short spin on the NWA Razorback Greenway and you’ll quickly notice quite a few prominently-placed signs. Besides the official ones, there are several sponsored by the Specialized Real Estate Group in a well-intentioned attempt to educate cyclists and facilitate harmonious interaction on the Greenway.
  • Razorback Greenway safety means following simple rulesWalkers, runners, dogs and cyclists all traveling on one 10-foot wide stretch of concrete can present safety problems on the Razorback Greenway…
  • Bicycle Safety in Arkansas [PDF download]This booklet was prepared to help adult bicyclists and parents of younger bicyclists understand how to ride safely and legally on the streets, roads and highways ofArkansas.