2017 Weekly Communication: Week 1

Happy Friday, team!

As per our promise to step up communications, we wanted to update you on how many miles we have reach as of 8:00 am this morning. We are currently sitting at 8,132.1 miles – a great start to this year’s session! Once we get the website up to date you can view FAQs, recorded miles, calendar of local events, and more.

In an effort to answer some reoccurring questions I have received please read the following:

– Please log the total, actual miles you (and your family) walked, biked, or ran. We calculate all the multiplication for you when we pull the data. For example, if you ran 3 miles please submit that you ran 3 miles.
– The waiver that was recently sent out was titled for “non-employees”, aka family members of Team Members. Although this was for non-employees, if you signed and sent this back to me it has been accepted and there is no need to complete a new one. On that note, there is no need to fill another form out if you filled one out last year. I have attached an employee waiver that can be filled out and completed if you have not yet done either of the options previously mentioned.

Please email milesthatmatter@tyson.com with any additional questions.

See you on the trails,

Miles That Matter Team