Olga–Need a reason to be inspired?

This is Olga.

Olga lost everything in Superstorm Sandy on Staten Island.   Everything.   Her house washed out to sea.  Yet for the past nine days, Olga has been coming to the Tyson Meals That Matter trailer and volunteering long hours to help the team make meals for storm victims and relief volunteers.

If you ever think you’re having a bad day, look at Olga.    If you ever start thinking highly of yourself because of how you give back, look at Olga.     If you ever need some inspiration, look at Olga.

Thanks, Olga.

POTUS Visits Staten Island

Today President Obama dropped in (literally—his helicopter landed there) on the Staten Island Miller Field disaster relief complex. Tyson teams from our Grannis, Arkansas/Broken Bow, Oklahoma, complex, and the New Holland, Pennsylvania, transportation group were there preparing meals. Even though the POTUS didn’t take advantage of a chicken sandwich, several Secret Service folks did, once they fully confirmed our guys were safe. [print_gllr id=3216]

Superstorm Sandy Relief – Week 1

The Tyson Meals That Matter Disaster Relief Team has been working to prepare and serve meals since November 3, at sites in Bayonne, NJ, and Staten Island, NY. To date, 35 Tyson Team Members, from six different states have been joined by local volunteers, law enforcement, and military personnel in serving more than 40,000 meals.[print_gllr id=3198]

After the storm

It’s been a rough spring.  Tornadoes.  Flooding.  More tornadoes.  Our friends in the non-profit world who respond to disasters have their hands full.
I’ve spent much of this week in Joplin, arriving there at about noon on Monday with cooking teams from several nearby Tyson locations.  There’s little hyperbole in the media reports.  It’s as much concentrated destruction as I’ve seen. 
Events like these stretch every element of life to their extreme: Sadness and despair; hope and triumph; humankind’s generosity and its greed.  Police have to expand patrols to prevent looting, while hundreds put themselves in harm’s way in heroic efforts to pull survivors from the rubble. 
Most of us see our neighbors affected like this and we have a tremendous need to reach out and assist.  I’m very fortunate to work for a company that pays me to reach out and assist.  I’m also extremely fortunate to work around thousands of fellow Tyson team members who are quite ready to suspend their work and their personal lives and go help those who have been affected.
After recent devastating tornadoes in western Iowa, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kansas, and the most recent one in Joplin, Tyson team members went to work, cooking food, collecting money and personal items, and providing assistance where necessary.  Teams from eighteen Tyson locations from around the south dispersed through north Alabama.  Our team from Vicksburg, Mississippi, who’d been to Alabama, was called on to assist with flooding when they arrived home.
 This week, six teams showed up in Noel by the end of the day on Monday.  Wednesday morning, the team from Clarksville, Arkansas went home to assist with relief in their own community after tornadoes struck.  That same afternoon, the team from Sedalia, Missouri was called home after a tornado in their community.
Through all of this, hundreds of Tyson folks served tens of thousands of meals to people who are always gracious and appreciative, even in the face of the trials they’re going through. Keep all of those affected in your thoughts and prayers.

Tyson donates more than 38,000 pounds of protein to Minnesota area devastated by recent floodin

ROCHESTER, Minn., August 27, 2007–Tyson Foods, Inc. lent a hand by helping feed thousands of Minnesotans recently affected by severe weather. The company delivered a truckload of protein products today to feed people whose homes were lost or heavily damaged by devastating floods. The donation was delivered to Channel One Food Bank in Rochester this morning.
 “We believe in helping our neighbors when disaster happens,” said Gary Machan, vice president of Pork Procurement for Tyson Foods.  The company operates hog buying stations in Minnesota, including one in Rushford, a community which was especially hard-hit by the flooding.  “We appreciate the opportunity to work with the people of Rushford to provide meals to those in need.”
 Today’s donation of more than 38,000 pounds of protein products will provide more than 140,000 meals. Approximately 15,000 pounds has been earmarked for the community of Rushford. The products are suitable for grilling, which will be helpful to people who have limited cooking facilities. The remainder of the product will be distributed among the agencies served by Channel One Food Bank.
 The Channel One Food Bank serves a 14-county area, distributing more than five million pounds of food annually to 77 agencies. Those agencies serve more than 38,000 people each year, and approximately 33 percent of those receiving assistance are children