The Youngest Tyson Hunger All-Star Yet

When we got involved in hunger ten years ago, we began hearing some incredible stories.  The most unlikely people in the most unlikely places doing tremendous work on the frontlines of fighting hunger.
That’s why when we put this blog up in 2007, we made a place for people to tell those stories themselves in the Hunger All-Star section.

This week, we honor one of most unlikely Hunger All-Stars yet.  5-year old Phoebe Russell, from San Francisco, after seeing a homeless man begging for food, decided she would raise $1000 by collecting cans to donate so people wouldn’t have to go hungry. She didn’t even know what $1000 was, but started calling relatives to help her out.

The phenomenal thing: Phoebe’s efforts raised more than $3700!!!

Her story came to our attention via Toan Lam, frequent contributor to the Huffington Post, and founder of the organization, GoInspireGo, which uses social networking to inspire social change.  His group created the video above.  You should check out their site.  Truly inspiring stories about phenomenal people.

We’re proud to present a truckload of food in Phoebe’s honor to the San Francisco Food  Bank.

Keep it up, Phoebe!!!  With you leading a future generation, we know there’s hope for an end to hunger.

Pete Nebhut

Ten years ago Pete Nebhut read an article in the newspaper that said Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee needed food. He responded by buying a dozen frozen turkeys and bringing them to the food bank. He came back a week or so later and met with the Development Director. He learned from their meeting that our agencies had a need for freezers and refrigerators. He visited local businesses and found a donor who gave the agencies what they needed. He has been working with the development department as a volunteer ever since. He was heavily involved with calling on capital campaign donors and was instrumental in raising nearly 9 million dollars to build the food bank’s current facility. Today he works tirelessly as a Volunteer Fundraiser and leader of the Development Committee. He volunteers with the development department to introduce, cultivate and build relationships, and has acquired multiple major gifts that fund many of the food bank’s programs. Over the years, Pete has worked to bring in tens of thousands of dollars in major gifts for the food bank. As a retired, very successful businessman, he also shares his wealth of knowledge about business, technology, operations, and marketing with the development team. His insight, perseverance, and wisdom make him an invaluable asset of the development team and of Second Harvest Food Bank.

Regional Food Bank

The entire staff work to provide food in a 23 county region of NYS and geographically is the largest in NYS. Due to the poor economy, requests for assistance has grown in unprecidented volume. They increased their yearly pounds distrubuted by 2 million pounds for 2009. The previous year they distrubuted 19 million pounds.