Meals That Matter

The Meals That Matter team disaster relief team is on its way to central Arkansas today (April 28) to help feed people in the aftermath of Sunday’s tornado, which has reportedly left 16 people dead and caused extensive damage.

We are deploying our Meals that Matter™ disaster relief trailer, truckloads of food and ice, and cooking teams from our nearby plant locations. We plan to be on-site in Mayflower, Arkansas, northwest of Little Rock, later today to help feed relief workers as well as residents affected by the storm.

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Tyson Foods Meals That Matter™ Disaster Relief Unit

Tyson Foods, which has a history of feeding survivors and relief workers in the aftermath of disasters like 9-11 and the tornados and flooding of 2011, unveiled a special mobile feeding unit in 2012.

The 53-foot semi-trailer is designed to help Tyson set up an organized disaster relief site more quickly. It serves as a central supply unit to support Tyson “cook teams” that bring grills and volunteers to help feed people in need. The trailer also bears the name of Tyson Foods’ disaster relief feeding program, “Meals that Matter.”

Features of the trailer include:

  • Enough refrigerated space to store up to 20,000 pounds of chicken, beef or pork
  • A hydraulic lift
  • A diesel-powered reefer unit, with fuel capacity to run up to 72 hours
  • A 5,500-watt generator
  • A Wi-Fi hot spot for internet connections via satellite
  • Two heavy-duty 10’x20’ tents with lighting
  • Cooking and serving supplies
  • Sanitation equipment

mtm2Mobile grills are supplied, as needed, by Tyson’s plant locations. More than 40 plant sites are capable of responding to disasters by sending grills and volunteers to cook food.

The disaster relief unit was first used in the fall of 2012 to help feed people in New Jersey and New York in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. It was also used in 2012 to serve 1,600 people at KNOW Hunger nutrition fairs in Mississippi that were organized by the National Urban League and Tyson Foods.

Contact: Gary Mickelson 479-290-6111


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