No Kid Should Dread the Weekend–or Summer

by Ed Nicholson Note: I’ve decided to go back and repost some things from years past that are still timely. This one originally posted in June of 2010. It remains relevant as we approach the end of the school year. Ed As I post this on Friday afternoon, tens of thousands of kids at risk of hunger around the country […]

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Where’s the online discussion of hunger? Year five.
Hunger Discussion

Five years ago, excited about the possibilities social channels offered to fostering a healthy national discussion about hunger, I posted a piece in this blog entitled “Where’s the Online Discussion About Hunger?”     There’s a tremendous hunger community in this country.   I’ve learned so much from them over the past thirteen years, and am always interested in being part of the […]

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Who Says Students Don’t Care About Hunger?

Guest post by Kelly Nuckolls Students and faculty from more than 50 colleges, universities, and hunger groups from across the United States and seven countries attended the 8th Annual Universities Fighting World Hunger Food Summit in Overland Park, Kansas, March 2nd-4th. This was the first time the event was hosted by a coalition of institutions. Under the leadership of Kansas […]

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Food Bank Workers Should Carry Guns

To break into the national consciousness anymore it seems you have to either shout something divisive or unearth a scintillating scandal. Nothing chews up a month of news cycle like imaginary girlfriends, sports doping and apocalyptic gun-control debates. Old standbys such as hunger and under nourishment don’t stand a chance. Maybe if the hunger-relief community was advocating for packin’ heat […]

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Now Let Us Give Thanks #FoodThanks

For the third year in a row, the AgChat Foundation is leading an effort to generate awareness and gratitude for those who put food on our tables.  If you’d like to learn more about it, go over to #FoodThanks. Here’s my post from the first year. I think it’s still relevant: I’m one of the lucky ones. I have a […]

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Olga–Need a reason to be inspired?

This is Olga. Olga lost everything in Superstorm Sandy on Staten Island.   Everything.   Her house washed out to sea.  Yet for the past nine days, Olga has been coming to the Tyson Meals That Matter trailer and volunteering long hours to help the team make meals for storm victims and relief volunteers. If you ever think you’re having a […]

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POTUS Visits Staten Island

Today President Obama dropped in (literally—his helicopter landed there) on the Staten Island Miller Field disaster relief complex. Tyson teams from our Grannis, Arkansas/Broken Bow, Oklahoma, complex, and the New Holland, Pennsylvania, transportation group were there preparing meals. Even though the POTUS didn’t take advantage of a chicken sandwich, several Secret Service folks did, once they fully confirmed our guys […]

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Superstorm Sandy Relief – Week 1

The Tyson Meals That Matter Disaster Relief Team has been working to prepare and serve meals since November 3, at sites in Bayonne, NJ, and Staten Island, NY. To date, 35 Tyson Team Members, from six different states have been joined by local volunteers, law enforcement, and military personnel in serving more than 40,000 meals.

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Nutrition Fairs Add to Growing Hunger Synergies for Mississippi

Two recent KNOW Hunger Nutrition Fairs conducted in Vicksburg and Jackson drew 40 local organizations and more than 800 participants. The events, part of the Urban League-Tyson Foods Hunger Project Mississippi, provided free food and health screenings, nutritious cooking and exercise demonstrations plus access to programs for the underserved.  A donation of 34,000 pounds of food kicked off the fairs. […]

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Collaborating to fight hunger in central Mississippi

Video from the Tyson Foods/Urban League/Mississippi Foodbank Network donation and nutrition fairs in central Mississippi, September 19 and 20, 2012.

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Geraldine is a grandmother. Like many retired people, she and her husband depend on their Social Security checks to get by each month. This can be challenging on its own, but Geraldine has another full-time job, one that doesn’t pay in dollars: caring for her four grandchildren. Geraldine drives an average car, looks neatly dressed, and is proud to share […]

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SNAP’s Image–Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece asking the question, “Does SNAP have an image problem?”   Are there a lot of people out there who sincerely believe SNAP is rife with abuse and fraud, ala the “Welfare Queen” myth?  Do they have influence?  If so, how might that influence be affecting Farm Bill votes? Can minds be changed? […]

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Tyson Donates 193,000 Pounds of Protein to Nationwide Food Banks
Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League, receives a Tyson donation by Ray Ables, complex manager of Forest, Miss., and Donnie Smith, president and CEO of Tyson Foods in Jackson, Miss., in June.

Tyson Foods, Inc. has completed a 10-city string of food donations, marking the end of a campaign in which the company donated 193,000 total pounds of protein to food banks across the southeast. As part of its 2012 “Show Us Your Nugget Face” promotion (, where the public voted on their favorite children pictured with Tyson Chicken Nuggets, Tyson Foods […]

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Monsanto, ADM and the fight against hunger. A good partnership?

Before I go further, let me state the following is my personal opinion, not necessarily that of Tyson Foods, or anyone else in the company. I ran across a post on my Facebook news feed yesterday from Feeding America talking about their Invest an Acre partnership with Monsanto, ADM, and the Howard Buffett Foundation, in which they’re encouraging farmers to pledge an acre of their […]

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How will we feed more people with fewer resources?

Many of us had an opportunity to meet Elanco CEO Jeff Simmons at an exercise  Tyson Foods and Elanco conducted recently to make senior executives aware of the challenges of shopping on a SNAP budget.   Jeff is a man who is truly on a mission. Since Elanco has become actively engaged in hunger relief, Jeff has become knowledgeable and sincerely passionate […]

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