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Art of the Cart 9–What is a food bank to do?

    By Susan Brockway I pose this question before I even begin, because unlike one or two years ago, things are not as easy, and need a quick solution.  I am a board member of a Feeding America member food bank.  My fellow board members, staff, volunteers and I are constantly looking for ways to bring more food into the pipeline.  […]

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Art of the Cart–8

By Susan Brockway Pass the mashed potatoes and yes….I will have another piece of turkey.  Do these words sound familiar?  For some of us they certainly ring true, but for millions this Thanksgiving, it was not the same old song.  I was at home on Thanksgiving and watched countless stories about people having less, doing more with less, and more […]

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Art of the Cart 7

We have less than one month until we will elect our next President.  While this seemed quite far away two years ago when they began campaigning, several things have changed in our world, yet one things remains constant: the need to provide more food for those who simply do not have the needed nutritional resources.  Since politics is such a […]

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Art of the Cart–6

By Susan Brockway My position at Tyson allows me the privilege of working with food banks, agencies and hunger advocates all over the United States. My company has a major focus on hunger relief, but we are only one company.  There are hundreds just like mine who also see the need to provide time, talent and treasure.  Yet it is […]

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Art of the Cart–5

By Sue Brockway After a recent trip to buy groceries, I came out with 3 bags and minus $82.00.  My goal was to make meals for one week with no processed or junk food.  I had $22.00 in vegetables and fruit, $19.00 in protein, $12.00 in dairy, $16.00 in grains and pasta, and the balance in household supplies and taxes […]

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The Art of the Cart–4

By Susan Brockway The last two weeks have been a struggle for my adopted family.  She has lost some of her hours at work and is really struggling with fuel prices.  We have talked twice and shared 3 recipes.  I have made a commitment to her to share from my garden, which is finally in the ground after large spells […]

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The Art of the Cart 3

By Susan Brockway In my quest to find out what people are eating and cooking, I interviewed 2 single mothers on my weekly visit to the grocery store.  I found 2 very interesting contrasts.  The first mother spends about $75 in cash for a family of 4 for 10 days, and is not a food stamp recipient because of her […]

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Art of the Cart

My weekly visit to the grocery store was an eye opener.  This week I concentrated on the produce and dairy aisles.  I was thinking about how people get fresh produce in their diet when they can’t afford it, like the $7.00 watermelon I purchased last week or the $4.89 bunch of asparagus; or they do not have a garden.  I […]

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