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“Hunger Is…” video

Another good piece of work from our friends at Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, delivering the message, "Hunger is Unacceptable."   They posted to Vimeo, and all of their communicators embedded into their various social media channels.  I first noticed it posted to Facebook.

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A Souper Reason to Get Involved in Hunger–Feeding Folks in Austin

  By Ed Nicholson In August of 2008, we did our first social media engagement donation with the Capital Area Food Bank in Austin.  There weren’t many such efforts going on at that time (a lot since). It’s been cited as a case study several times, and since then, we’ve considered CAFB a great partner. As I’ve said many times, […]

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Advocating for Hunger Relief

By Ed Nicholson I’m continually impressed by the way the folks at Capital Area Food Bank of Texas communicate the issue of hunger.  E.D., David Davenport, along with Lisa Goddard, Kerri Qunell and the rest of the communications team are not just good adminstrators, fundraisers and communicators–they’re passionate about and authentically committed to the issue, and understand that in order for there […]

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Lift Up America–Bringing Communities Together

By Ed Nicholson     Austin athletes unload a truckload of food to agencies of CAFB   One of the most fulfilling things about being involved in hunger relief is the opportunity to work with some fantastic partners.  We’ve talked a lot about our friends at  Share Our Strength and Feeding America.  But one group that doesn’t get mentioned as […]

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Seven Hunger Relief Organizations Doing Good Social Media Stuff

By Ed Nicholson One of our goals with this site is to be a positive force in helping bring the discussion of hunger online, creating awareness for the issue and those instrumental in the fight against hunger. When we came to the issue nine years ago, we found a lively discussion already occurring among a passionate community of those involved […]

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It’s Friday–Pledge for the kids going hungry this weekend

We’ve been focusing this space during the last few Fridays on talking about kids who depend on school lunch programs for their primary nutrition. Many of these children are in dire risk of going hungry from Friday lunch until Monday.  This week, we’ve been recruited to be part of an exciting effort, focused on South by Southwest, the Pledge to […]

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A food bank CEO’s perspective–why you should care about hunger

  by Ed Nicholson I was fortunate enough to be able to travel to Austin on Monday for the Tyson portion of the HAM-up Tweetup.  What an inspiring community, full of energetic, passionate folks. Big thanks to all of the friends we made at Social Media Club Austin and 501 Tech Club Austin.  It was a sincere pleasure meeting Mike Chapman, […]

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A good reason to be in (go to) Austin

Our friends at the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, and their partners Social Media Club Austin and 501Tech Club have finalized details on events for the great HAMup Tweetup.   You can get full details at ,but briefly, here’s how it will happen. Thursday, September 11, there will be a kickoff at Whole Foods Market at 525 Lamar at 5:30, featuring food […]

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Ed Nicholson We’ve now received more than 630 comments to our blog entry this morning about hunger in Austin and the work of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. This was just phenomenal, with the 350 comments needed to fill the truck coming in less than six hours.  A big THANK YOU to everyone who made this happen:  Everyone who commented, […]

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Hunger in Austin–Something you can do to help

Information from the website of the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas Did you know Nearly one in five adults and one in four children in Texas are hungry. 41,000 children under the age of 18 in Travis County are confronted with food insecurity every day. 82% of Food Bank Partner Agency recipients are food insecure. 49% of recipients experience outright […]

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Want to build a community? Look at Austin.

    Courtesy of Capital Area Food Bank of Texas "Hunger is Unacceptable" Campaign Ed Nicholson I’ve previously mentioned two online spaces that do a marvelous job of giving residents in their communities an accurate and compelling image of the face of hunger:  Food for Thought and Invisible–the frontlines of hunger in Colorado. This week, I was made aware of […]

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