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#GivingTuesday: It’s not about your turkey leftovers!

#GivingTuesday is not for “giving away” your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. Nope, it’s about you and I joining the masses of kind-hearted folks giving together online! Think of it as global crowdsourced kindness. Originally, the Gates Foundation created Giving Tuesday as a response to Cyber Monday and Black Friday. I like this new holiday as it shifts the primary focus of […]

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Coins for Kids Blends Service, Learning

Share Our Strength will debut a new curriculum for its Coins for Kids program in March that may “make change” in the way students learn about money. Aleta Greer, an elementary school teacher with the Alpine (Calif.) School District near San Diego, created the program last winter. The idea was to mesh identifying coins with the community service requirement of […]

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Guest post: Bill Shore, Share Our Strength

Together we’re going to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. How can I be so confident in our ability to defeat a problem as complex and widespread as childhood hunger in America?

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No Kid Hungry in Arkansas. A beginning.
Share Our Strength Founder and Executive Director Billy Shore announcing the No Kid Hungry in Arkansas initiative

  Arkansas—our home state—ranks  11th in the U.S. among states for total agricultural production.  Lots of food produced here.    Yet according to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, it ranks #1—worst—among states with the highest percentage of children at risk of hunger.   Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe thinks it’s time something is done to erase that paradox.   That’s why he was […]

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Hunger goes back to school

By Ed Nicholson Today is the first day of school for many here in our home in Arkansas.  I always had mixed emotions about going back to school after summer break. But for many kids, it’s a huge relief, since they’re fed much better during the school year than in the summer. I recently had a chance to speak with several […]

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Hunger goes to school

Want to know about child hunger? Ask someone who sees it up close: a teacher or school foodservice director. Michael Rosenberger is the foodservice director of the Irving (TX) Independent School District. Here he speaks passionately and articulately about the kids at risk of hunger he sees every day he goes to work.

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A school “lunch lady” with a huge heart

By Ed Nicholson Tim Cipriano calls himself a "lunch lady."  That’s simplifying things a bit.  Actually, he directs one of the most progressive school lunch programs in the country, for New Haven (CT) Public Schools, which prepares more than 17,000 lunches and 11,000 breakfasts a day for schools across the district.  It’s a tremendous program, that focuses on quality, nutritious food, prepared […]

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From Share Our Strength–Numbers everyone should know

Here’s a powerful, very short video produced for Share Our Strength by  iStrategyLabs. There are 12.4 million children at risk of hunger in America. Learn how you can help at Art direction/design/story: Zach Goodwin. Animation: Brock Boyts. Music: Project ULTRA (Richard Thies & Nick Ross).    

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What are you eating this weekend?

     By Ed Nicholson Those who follow this blog know that we’ve been devoting Fridays to reminding people of the fact that there are millions of children across the country whose primary source of nutrition is the school lunch program.  For many of these kids the gap between lunch Friday and lunch Monday is a long 72 hours with no […]

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The Face of Hunger

It’s Friday, when we devote this space to reminding all that the weekends can be tough for the millions of kids around the country who depend on school lunch programs for their nutrition. Today’s guest post comes from Detroit.  Kristie Sawickis publishes the blog,This Side of Eternity, and also helps in distributing food to children to take home to their […]

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Spring BREAK from Hunger

We’ve been devoting this space on Fridays to reminding people there are many children, dependent on school lunch programs, who are eating their last good meal for the next 72 hours or so. Today’s guest post, by Sarah Owen, raises further concerns about these children.     I live in paradise—or so the Chamber of Commerce tells me.  Southwest Florida […]

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If your PTA asks…What should we spend our money on next year? Answer: Food

      photo by PinkMoose–Creative Commons/flickr On Friday’s we’ve been devoting this space to childhood hunger as a reminder that there are kids whose primary nutritional needs are served by the school lunch program, who are often hungry on the the weekends. This week’s message comes from Michael Clark, COO of our invaluable communications partner, Mitchell Communications Group. _______________________________________________________ […]

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Friday’s Children-Cincinnati

We’re taking Fridays to remind  people there are kids who depend on the school lunch program for their nutrition. We’ve asked our friends on the front lines of hunger relief to help tell their stories. Guest post by Myrita Craig, Freestore Foodbank, Cincinnati “One boy told me he had to spend a weekend with an uncle who had no food, and he […]

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True Story from the Backpack Program

This is the second week we’re taking Friday to remind people there are kids who go hungry on the weekend.  David Proctor, director of communications for the Idaho Food Bank sent this in after our call for your stories last week.   ————————————————————————————————————– Too often low-income children depend on school breakfast and lunch programs to eat during the week and then […]

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