Blog Action Day

By Ed Nicholson

Today is Blog Action Day, in which thousands of bloggers nationwide devote their energy and resources to creating awareness of one issue, poverty.

While we were late to the game, and didn’t get an organized effort together (we promise to  continue to focus on hunger throughout the year), some of the friends we’ve made this year are doing some admirable work today.

Beth Kanter, who an enormous following, has  alerted us to this post by PunditMom, wherein she’s donating $1 to DC’s Capital Area Food Bank for every comment to the post. 

Austinite Mike Chapman, a truly great guy, whom we had the pleasure of getting to know during the HAM-Up Tweetup, joined the street immersion sponsored by Mobile Loaves and Fishes and the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, spending a night with the homeless on the streets of Austin.  He sent Twitter messages throughout the experience.   

 Connie Reece, another well-connected Austinite,  offers this reflection.

Today, we commend everyone who redirected their normal blog focus to this important issue.