Art for Food’s Sake

By Ed Nicholson    

 Dede Peters had an idea.  Dede, owner of Fayetteville’s ddp gallery, decided to recruit artists from among the community she had helped support to create works of art on and with grocery bags.  The works were then sold, with the major portion of the proceeds going to the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank

     Dede called us to see if we would be interested in getting involved.  We thought the idea was innovative and engaging, and offered to match dollars raised with in-kind donations. 

     I think it’s a great example of someone creatively applying the resources at their disposal to address the issue.  You dont’ have to be rich.  You don’t have to be big or famous. You just need to have a will and a heart.  As our friends at Share Our Strength remind us,  everyone has a strength to share.