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Double-take on a familiar face: My reintroduction to Tyson Foods

I am now in my fifth month of my internship with Tyson Foods. To be completely honest the only thing I knew about Tyson when I began this internship was that Tyson produced chicken and that Tyson was a great employment provider for many people I knew growing up. Many of my own family members worked their first jobs in the […]

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Saving up for the holidays

Bart Brown is the President/CEO of Ozarks Food Harvest, the Feeding America member food bank in Springfield, Missouri. Here he talks about the great work of the food bank. I was particularly touched by a story he told of a child who depended on the school backpack program, the son of a substance abusing mother, who had to hide his food, saving cans over months so he’d have enough to hold him over during school holidays.

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Do you value your true assets?

By Susan Brockway New numbers have just been released and as expected, the number of people lacking food continues to grow.  At the food bank for which I’m board president, we look at each and every dollar closely and wonder what to do to make it stretch.  Volunteers obviously are essential to helping meeting growing need.  Each volunteer hour represents […]

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Giving Up Tradition to Survive

By Susan Brockway. As the president of the board of directors for a small food bank, I am losing a lot of sleep wondering where the money will come from.  Small food banks don’t receive proceeds from national cause marketing campaigns for operating funds.  Most local donations  are down 20% and most services up 35-40%.  What rabbit are we going to pull out of our hats to […]

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Why we donate to Feeding America food banks

    By Ed Nicholson At Tyson Foods, we’re frequently asked why so many of our in-kind donations go to Feeding America food banks.  After all, there any number of very worthy recipients of our products, at both the local and national levels, who could channel everything we donate to people in need. Here are some of the reasons we choose to […]

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What is a food bank?

        By Ed Nicholson At Tyson, we get frequent requests for food donations from organizations claiming to be "food banks." Upon further query it often turns out that many of the groups–as worthy as their efforts are–are not food banks. There exists some confusion over the use of the term that needs to be cleared up. A food […]

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Art of the Cart 9–What is a food bank to do?

    By Susan Brockway I pose this question before I even begin, because unlike one or two years ago, things are not as easy, and need a quick solution.  I am a board member of a Feeding America member food bank.  My fellow board members, staff, volunteers and I are constantly looking for ways to bring more food into the pipeline.  […]

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Do the hungry deserve a bail out? A food bank leader weighs in.

  Suzan Bateson, Executive Director of the Alameda County Community Food Bank, offered this comment  and perspective on  Sue Brockway’s post suggesting that the hungry deserve a bail out, too. We thought it compelling enough to stand on its own as an entry. ****** We can’t wait for a government bail out for the Alameda County Community Food Bank in Oakland, California. An unprecedented […]

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Processing Food for Hunger Relief

by Ed Nicholson The Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee (Nashville) has a unique USDA-inspected food processing facility in their food bank that produces "boil in the bag" food for hunger and disaster relief. In addition to producing for their own agencies–food pantries, backpack programs, etc.–they also produce for other Feeding America food banks around the country. Scott Burleson, director […]

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Hunger in America–The Battle Intensifies

By Ed Nicholson Beth Kanter pointed us to this very well-written article by David Cay Johnston in the New York Times discussing the state of hunger in America today, which states the obvious for those involved the fight:  Hunger relief organizations are seeing exponential growth in demand due to a struggling economy, at the same time resources are shrinking.  "What […]

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John Curry, Food Resources Director, San Francisco FB

John Curry is the food resources manager for the San Francisco Food Bank.  John was instrumental in our expanding the Hunger Challenge comment for food effort to all five food banks in the Bay area. In addition to being an all-around good guy , John also helps manage a unique distribution sysem for the food bank.  John discusses the system in the video […]

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Ethel Shepherd, Hunger All-Star of the Month

By Ed Nicholson     Ethel Shepherd Ethel Shepherd is the Tyson Hunger All-Star of the Month for October. You can read Ethel’s inspiring story here, but in brief, for the past 25 years, she has been collecting and distributing food for those at risk of hunger in her home town of Mountain Grove, Missouri.  In the past nine years, […]

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Hunger in the Bay Area – and How You Can Help

  Hunger is a serious problem in the Bay Area… • Nearly 1.2 million people in the Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma and Santa Cruz counties) are living near the poverty line, at risk of going hungry. According to census figures, these people are making less than $26,000 for a family […]

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Art of the Cart–6

By Susan Brockway My position at Tyson allows me the privilege of working with food banks, agencies and hunger advocates all over the United States. My company has a major focus on hunger relief, but we are only one company.  There are hundreds just like mine who also see the need to provide time, talent and treasure.  Yet it is […]

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A good reason to be in (go to) Austin

Our friends at the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, and their partners Social Media Club Austin and 501Tech Club have finalized details on events for the great HAMup Tweetup.   You can get full details at ,but briefly, here’s how it will happen. Thursday, September 11, there will be a kickoff at Whole Foods Market at 525 Lamar at 5:30, featuring food […]

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