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It’s Friday Afternoon. Know Where Your Kids Are?

 I originally put this post up last February.  As we near the end of the school year, it’s important to consider just how important school lunch is to the nutritional needs of some kids.  And what is going to happen in a few weeks when summer vacation begins.   By Ed Nicholson                                                                           photo by eyeliam–Creative Commons A colleague of mine […]

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What are you eating this weekend?

     By Ed Nicholson Those who follow this blog know that we’ve been devoting Fridays to reminding people of the fact that there are millions of children across the country whose primary source of nutrition is the school lunch program.  For many of these kids the gap between lunch Friday and lunch Monday is a long 72 hours with no […]

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The Backpack Program: Food for Children in our Community who Need it Most

It’s Friday, when we devote this space to reminding people of the fact that many kids who depend on school lunch programs are at risk of hunger over the weekend.     Sue Brockway, Tyson Community Relations, has long worked closely with River Bend Food Bank in Moline, Illinois.  She submits this entry today on the food bank’s backpack program. Research has shown that children who […]

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It’s Friday–Pledge for the kids going hungry this weekend

We’ve been focusing this space during the last few Fridays on talking about kids who depend on school lunch programs for their primary nutrition. Many of these children are in dire risk of going hungry from Friday lunch until Monday.  This week, we’ve been recruited to be part of an exciting effort, focused on South by Southwest, the Pledge to […]

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If your PTA asks…What should we spend our money on next year? Answer: Food

      photo by PinkMoose–Creative Commons/flickr On Friday’s we’ve been devoting this space to childhood hunger as a reminder that there are kids whose primary nutritional needs are served by the school lunch program, who are often hungry on the the weekends. This week’s message comes from Michael Clark, COO of our invaluable communications partner, Mitchell Communications Group. _______________________________________________________ […]

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Friday’s Children-Cincinnati

We’re taking Fridays to remind  people there are kids who depend on the school lunch program for their nutrition. We’ve asked our friends on the front lines of hunger relief to help tell their stories. Guest post by Myrita Craig, Freestore Foodbank, Cincinnati “One boy told me he had to spend a weekend with an uncle who had no food, and he […]

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True Story from the Backpack Program

This is the second week we’re taking Friday to remind people there are kids who go hungry on the weekend.  David Proctor, director of communications for the Idaho Food Bank sent this in after our call for your stories last week.   ————————————————————————————————————– Too often low-income children depend on school breakfast and lunch programs to eat during the week and then […]

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