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The most digitally-connected hunger conference I’ve ever attended

When I went to my first Share our Strength Conference of Leaders in the fall of 2000, I was amazed by the vibrant, passionate community of people the organization had put together to address the issue of hunger. As a relatively early adopter of social media around 2006, I  became really excited about the idea of that community bringing that […]

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I’ve been two days in anti-hunger conferences in DC: Saturday at the National Hunger Free Communities Summit sponsored by the Alliance to End Hunger, and Sunday at the FRAC/Feeding America National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference. I love coming to these things, not just because they’re engergizing and educational, but also because they generate connections, many of which turn into steadfast friendships. […]

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Hunger Twitterers

We started this Twitter list almost two years ago with names of people who have been active (online or offline) in the discussion of hunger. Since then it’s grown as more and more people and organizations find Twitter a valid way to bring the community online. See the list […]

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Where’s the best online discussion of hunger

    By Ed Nicholson Shortly after we started this blog in 2007, I posed the question, "Where’s the Online Discussion of Hunger?"   At the time, there simply wasn’t much of a discussion occurring. Pretty much the same when I asked the question again in May of 2009. I still hold firmly to the belief that among the greatest potential benefits of social networking […]

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As We’re Thankful

Many of us will join family and friends for a big meal tomorrow. Certainly most will be thankful for blessings received throughout the year. Many won’t have that luxury. According to this release from the Food Research and Action Center, more than 36 million people lived in households struggling against hunger in 2007.  Though the numbers aren’t in, it must […]

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Update on Share Our Strength Activities–July 08

Got a message from Billy Shore regarding news about the Share Our  Strength community, including: Wynton Marsalis agreed to be honored guest and speaker at the Autumn Harvest dinner hosted by Danny Meyer and the Union Square Hospitality Group in NY. McCormick & Schmick’s committed their restaurants to Share Our Strength’s Great American Dine Out this September, bringing our total participating restaurants to […]

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A Message From Vicki Escarra, President and CEO, America’s Second Harvest

      Vicki Escarra, President and CEO, America’s Second Harvest As we all read in the news, times are difficult for families all across America. The economic climate is forcing men, women, and families to cut back on spending, and often forcing them to sacrifice important essentials-including food.  The America’s Second Harvest network of food banks is seeing demand […]

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Non-profits–What are you doing to weather the storm?

Times are tough. Businesses are cutting back.  Donations to non-profits are down at a time resources are being taxed harder than ever.  What are you as a non-profit, doing to counter the “squeeze?” Cash is becoming more precious for those on the for-profit, as well as the non-profit side.  Do you give in-kind donors the same “love” you give cash donors?  […]

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More Social Media Stuff–Twitter

  By Ed Nicholson Another in a series about social media and how those engaged in the issue of hunger might use them to build community.  If you’re already using these tools, this will be elementary stuff.  If you’re not, I encourage you to try them out. Twitter is a social media tool that’s seen explosive growth recently. Kind of […]

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Attention hunger relief organizations–Flip is donating video cameras to non-profits

Check this out: Flip, makers of the neat little cameras tailored for online video sharing, has a great program in which they’ve committed to donating one million cameras to non-profit organizations  [501(c)(3)] who want to share their stories on the Web. From their  Frequently asked questions :     What is a Flip Video Spotlight Kit? Each Spotlight Kit contains two 60 minute […]

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Where’s the Online Discussion of Hunger?–Using Social Media Tools To Create Community

 By Ed Nicholson My last post regarding the online conversation about the issue of hunger, simply asked the question “Where is it?”   While we await answers, we might look at how other causes, and other non-profits are harnessing the power of social media to build communities and awareness. Today I’m going to point you to a few resources you might consider in […]

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Where’s the online discussion about hunger?

 By Ed Nicholson For the past few years, those of us in public relations have been receiving a constant stream of reminders that the ground is shifting beneath our feet. That the way we communicate, engage stakeholders,  and participate in communities is being revolutionized by breakthrough communications vehicles.  I’m one who happens to believe that’s true. While I still can’t […]

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