Where’s the online discussion about hunger?

This is a post from four years ago, May, 2008.  I didn’t receive much of an answer then.  There were only a few of us involved in hunger relief using social channels back then.  Since then, use of social media has exploded. Most every hunger relief organization has an active social media presence now.  Take a look at the post below.  Disregard the stuff made silly by technology changes (“I even Twitter…:-) But I’m still interested in the subject line question.   Any thoughts? Where’s it really happening?

By Ed Nicholson

For the past few years, those of us in public relations have been receiving a constant stream of reminders that the ground is shifting beneath our feet. That the way we communicate, engage stakeholders,  and participate in communities is being revolutionized by breakthrough communications vehicles.  I’m one who happens to believe that’s true.

While I still can’t start my day without dead trees, more and more of my daily information flow is being delivered to my desktop via RSS.    I author and contribute to several blogs, including this one.  I have a (relatively inactive) Facebook account  and a growing number of Linkedin contacts.
I even Twitter.

I’ve discovered that all over the Web, there are vibrant, stimulating, engaging discussions occurring in ever-growing communities on virtually any subject or any issue one might imagine.

But for the life of me,  I can’t find much more than static content from the hunger community online.  I’ve done Technorati and Google searches.  “Hunger Relief” is on my daily Bloglines feed.  Not much there in the way of active discourse. Lots of folks talking at  people, but not many real conversations.

Beth Scofield put together an incredibly well-built online presence with SOS in Sharingwitness.org, with an all-star cast of contributors. Comments were enabled (and I’m certain encouraged), but one can count the number of comments on two hands. Before its time…?

I know this is a passionate community.  I’ve been to A2H and SOS conferences, and you won’t find a more committed, articulate, educated bunch in the world.  People like Michael Farver (who himself is very hip to technology).  They certainly aren’t afraid to speak out when they’re face-to-face. And they have some remarkable things to contribute.

Helloooo…..Anyone out there?  Maybe, there’s a party going on somewhere to which I’ve simply not been invited.  If so, please let me know.  We’ll put a link up on this site to try to drive more traffic that way.

Meanwhile, we’d appreciate your adding this site to your RSS feed.    We’re bound and determined to play a role in stimulating the online discussion about this issue.

Got a comment?   PLEASE jump in.